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  • 瑜珈和发声练习
  • [Articles] 瑜珈和发声练习

    Vocal toning is can be one of the most VALUABLE tools for the birthing mom. The voice is one of the key areas of expression: expression of joy, pain, sorrow,...

  • 什麽时候可以开始参加瑜珈课程?
  • [Articles] 什麽时候可以开始参加瑜珈课程?

    —我们的产前瑜伽课适合于怀孕3个月以后的孕妇. 孕妇没有瑜珈经验也可参加.      —产后瑜伽:1.      对于自然生产的妇女, 月经结束后(一...

  • 骨盆肌肉练习
  • [Articles] 骨盆肌肉练习

    Prenatal MomsBy increasing your tone and elasticity of your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy, the muscles will be more effective during your birth. A study...